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Our Journey Through Time

In recent years, technological advances have changed the way businesses interact with their client base. This raises the bar much higher when it comes to the level of service consumers expect when doing business with an organization.

Marketing approaches are now becoming more customer-centric and B2B entities are using configurable customer support solutions to provide a more dynamic and interactive customer experience.

Our mission is clear: to empower businesses with the tools and insights needed to cultivate exceptional customer experiences. According to a recent studies, companies that prioritize customer experience witness a 20% increase in customer loyalty and a 15% boost in overall revenue.

With CX-Belux, we not only want to prove but also want to execute that a good customer experience strategy is profitable to any business. Therefore we advise our clients with a proven framework and ‘voice of the customer’ tools, that they can use to make their organization more customer centric.

By placing the customer at the centre of every decision, we guide companies towards a vision of sustainable growth and enduring success.

CX-Brussels: Unveiling Our Customer Experience Hub

CX-Brussels is a network for Customer Experience & Digital in Belgium & Luxemburg. It was founded by Frederic De Vrieze and Jonathan Daniels to bring business leaders together to discuss ‘customer experience’ and ‘digital’ topics, share new insights and best practices, and create great experiences doing so.

Our mission is to show that Customer Experience is a strong lever for business growth. We do this by organizing 10 events a year for our vibrant network.

Since our start in 2019, many companies and organizations have joined our CX-Brussels community. All our members have one common goal: create better experiences which will result in happier and more loyal customers.

CX-Brussels works with a company membership. This gives you access to CX-events, workshops and even strategic Round Table discussions. Each time with a mix of local and international speakers.

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The Story of Frederic De Vrieze:
Building CX-Belux

Throughout my entire career “customer experience” has always been the #1 focus in my work. Maybe it’s part of my DNA, but serving a customer and making him love your brand is one of the most gratifying things any employee or entrepreneur can do. It’s also a profitable strategy because your customers will be coming back to you for business and thank you with their loyalty.

With that in mind, CX-Belux was established in 2023, with a mission to assist organisations in delivering excellent customer experiences through sharing knowledge, providing guidance and giving the tools to continuously measure and improve. This way we support our customers in building a profitable customer experience strategy.

Frederic De Vrieze
CX-Belux Founder

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