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The mission of CX-Belux

In today's dynamic business landscape, studies consistently show that over 70% of consumers prioritize and make purchasing decisions based on the quality of their customer experience. Combined with customer loyalty, this is an important driver for business performance.

It’s CX-Belux mission to support and inspire companies on how to navigate their business to align with customer needs and expectations. We do this by helping you to discover where your customer/digital experience stands now, versus where you desire to be.

With a commitment to integrity, innovation, and excellence, we explore the pillars of customer experience that will guide you towards more happy, loyal customers and sustainable growth. Together, we will implement and achieve measurable results.

Our Services in Action

Developing and executing a profitable customer experience strategy is challenging. CX has a broad, holistic definition and it covers multiple touchpoints, time frames, and also emotional and functional responses. So where to start ?

We do this by creating and continuously improving a common customer experience across all touch-points through process and people development.

To achieve such an objective set of rules, we partnered with ICXI® a global organisation dedicated to improving Customer Experience across all channels of delivery and assisting organisations in achieving global best practices in Customer Experience Service Excellence.


A famous management guru once said “What gets Measured, gets Managed”. So putting the customer at the heart of your business, also requires a good measurement of your customers behavior. Setting up a good “voice of the customer” program and using the right tools is important. To achieve this, we’ve partnered with QuestionPro®, a global leader in online survey and research services. All our services are offered in Belgium, Luxemburg and Dubai.

Voices of Satisfaction: What Our Customers Say

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Steve Harrington
Project Manager

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Nancy Wheeler

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Jonathan Byers
UX Designer

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